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Intelligent Border Control Platform

Cosin, since 1985 has been developing technologies for Border Surveillance Systems that can detect and identify within predefined areas, transportation means used for illegal activities such as drug trafficking, tobacco smuggling, illegal immigration, illegal fishing and terrorism. A variety of technical and deployment means are used to provide a robust reconnaissance and surveillance capability that can be used in many geographical and tactical scenarios (maritime, fluvial and terrestrial). Sensor technologies used include radar, infrared, acoustic, and visual; and are deployed on the ground, in aircraft, in boats and on satellites. Target information derived from the sensors is used both for general intelligence and to plan interdiction and apprehension activities by law enforcement agencies. Development, evaluation, and transition of these systems is closely coordinated with the field user.

The purpose of the systems is to assist field operators to analyze intelligence information on illegal traffickers, smugglers and terrorists and to plan and execute interdiction missions against their trafficking organizations and their physical assets. The analytic systems are information technology intensive and use techniques such as data mining, data fusion, and imagery integration and analysis to sort and classify large amounts of data and reports to help identify personnel, activities, and tactics used by them. Short range sensors developed as part of this thrust area are used to locate and identify illegal shipments, vehicles, and personnel activity in the preparatory and execution phases of interdictions. Vehicle disablement devices provide less than lethal options for law enforcement during interdiction operations. Command, control, and communications devices are also part of this area and are used to coordinate activities among and between headquarters personnel and field operators.

Cosin gained a solid experience in the Border Electronic Surveillance and Control Systems, having participated actively since 1998 in the development and successful implementation of the Spanish Border Surveillance System currently operational over more than 1800 Kms of Spanish Coast, as well as having implemented more systems in other countries.