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Document Management Platform

The Cosin DMP Server is able to manage, analyze, classify and store millions of documents in real-time, being then able to search documents by sifting throughout millions and millions of clusters of information in some milliseconds. One of the functionalities that differentiates the DMP Server from other platforms is the capability of performing analysis in different languages: So let’s say an organization receives thousands of emails and faxes a day, the enterprise would need to be able to manage all of those documents and clusters of information in a small amount of time, therefore our platform would store those documents, analyze them and then classify those pieces of information correctly.

With our platform, users can understand and act upon documents, mails, video, chat, phone calls, and application data at the same time and faster than ever before. Because we know you store data in a variety of repositories, our DMP streamlines information processing across networks, the web, the Cloud, smartphones, tablets, and sensors. The Cosin DMP enables you to see your information, regardless of format, location, or language. With our platform, you can:

+ Understand virtually all of your information using a single processing layer - Unlock key ideas and concepts in your structured and unstructured data

+ Act on all kinds of information to seize market opportunities and gain a competitive advantage

+ Reduce manual processes with advanced analytics such as auto-categorization, personalization, and entity extraction