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Video Security

Our video surveillance solutions are based on networked video techniques offering a simple, modular, integrated and open-ended high-quality and reliable hardware and software solutions for compression, processing and real-time transmission of very high quality video over any network (IP, ATM, ADSL, Fibre Optic, wireless...).

For a High Performance Videosurveillance; Cosin integrates an Intelligent Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) manufactured by General Electric Security and United Technology Corporation. The platform integrates smart software and engineered networked video hardware to create a comprehensive and advanced video surveillance system. The GE EVP is based on open standards, which permits a seamless integration with other systems (Access Control, Fire Security). The solution is embedded with Video Content Analysis (VCA) software that analyzes video streams to alert of displaced, blocked or out of focus cameras, obstructed views or video loss. In addition to embedded VCAs, the platform integrates third party Video Analytics .

Today; Cosin has, directly or through its subsidiaries, more than 60 engineers and technicians performing site surveys and installations for end users or contractors in several regions including Africa and Middle East. And by combining a wide range of technologies with dedicated engineering, Cosin has designed, built and integrated various intelligent video surveillance systems in different prisons and military bases.