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Cosin S,A is a well experienced systems integrator and manufacturer
established in Madrid who orients its knowledge and experience to
offer to our clients the best solutions by integrating the most suitable
equipment and software for each application.

              The activities of Cosin S,A cover the following main fields:
                                                                             -Communication systems
                                                                             -Security and control systems
                                                                             -Networking and telephony
                                                                             -Military technology
                                                                             -Information Management Platforms

Cosin S,A has been developing and implementing it's services for more than 30 years having executed or participated in various important projects abroad Europe and mainly in North Africa and Middle East. Nowadays; Cosin has, directly or through its subsidiaries, more than 60 engineers and technicians performing site surveys and installations for end users or contractors in several countries in Africa.

Having designed telephony networks as well as other technological platforms in countries such as Pakistan, Morroco, Libya, Syria and Malaysia, Cosin has gained enough experience to be able to face any project and meet the user's needs. Another main sector where Cosin S,A has professional abilities is the Border Electronic Surveillance sector. We have participated actively since 1998 in the development and successful implementation of the Spanish Border Surveillance System currently operational over more than 1800 Kms of Spanish Coast.